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USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2015/01
Fact Sheet, Fund for supporting businesses owned by marginalized women
Priručnik - Rodna ravnopravnost i osnaživanje žena u procesu upravljanja projektnim ciklusom
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2015/02
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2015/03
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2015/04
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2015/05
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2016/01
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2016/02
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2016/03
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2016/04
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/05
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/06
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/07
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/08
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/09
USAID PPMG Bulletin 2016/10
USAID PPMG, Bulletin 2016/11
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Service Center "Dajte nam šansu"

27 November 2015

The opening of the Service Center «Dajte nam šansu – Svjetlice» heralds the beginning of a new stage for equal members of the BiH society – children and persons with...

No Welfare Dependency - Contributing to Society as Employed Young People

01 February 2017

Children without parental care belong to one of the most vulnerable marginalized groups in BiH, and as such deserve special care and attention. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are between...

Childhood Passion Turned Into Business: Silvana’s Cakes on Tables all Across BiH

22 December 2017

Cakes and pastries have been Silvana’s passion since early childhood. When she was still a little girl, she would sneak up, take some dough from her mother and make it...

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Coalition of Marginalized Populations in BiH

11 June 2015

Coalition of Marginalized Populations in BiH – KOMA is currently conducting two campaigns of public advocating: 1) Establishing minimal social security and equal opportunities and 2) Regulating extra-institutional support for...

Strategy for Implementation of Istanbul Convention Adopted: Entities and Cantons Must take Harder Stance Towards Combating Violence Against Women

24 July 2015

Sarajevo Open Center applauds the adoption of the Framework Strategy for the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence in BiH for...

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities

21 December 2015

As an organization that is thoroughly dedicated to the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as to promoting inclusion and equal rights for all, «Dajte nam...

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